Friday, December 4, 2015

Is This The Real Reason Why The SyFy Channel Has Been Stockpiling Science Fiction Programming It Was Never Really Good At Producing In The First Place?

The SyFy Channel lost wrestling? Really?? This is a disaster of epic proportions for the SyFy Channel since the bulk of the SyFy Channel's profits always came from wrestling. Since it never had the management talent necessary to turn a lucrative profit strictly from Science Fiction programming. What happens now? This same lack of management talent always firmly in place at the SyFy Channel is now in the awkward predicament of having to turn a lucrative profit strictly from Science Fiction programming in the wake of the permanent absence of wrestling from its schedule beginning in 2016. A talent this management team has never been able to pull off in the past.

I see a major identity change for the SyFy Channel on the horizon beginning in late 2016. From an incomprehensible general interest cable channel without a discernible on-air identity (what it is now), to something else entirely from late 2016 and beyond.

SyFy wouldn't be able to sustain itself financially strictly from Science Fiction programming. The management talent has never been at the channel to do so. 


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