Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let's Journey Into The Monumentally Scary Thought Processes Of Universal Studios Executives, Shall We?

A movie starring Will Ferrell based upon an obscure Saturday morning kids show from.... 1974 ("Land of The Lost")... is a bankable sound investment in the neighborhood of hundreds of millions of dollars and better remembered than....

...A major Science Fiction television series in Prime Time television four years later....1978 ("Battlestar Galactica")....seen by quadruple the audience that still has the potential to be a legitimate third alternative to...."Star Wars"....and...."Star Trek"....

A series whose only fault wasn't executed very well in the first place and in the long run to its fullest unlimited potential due to the combined and ongoing crappy management of Universal Studios and ABC-TV.

Will Ferrell's...."Land of The Lost".... movie by the way, flopped big time at the Box Office and flopped for Universal Studios.

So, where is this sound business logic never rumored to exist at Universal Studios?


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