Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bryan Singer Needs a Better Manager? That's The Understatement of The Century Especially If Bryan Singer Is His Own Manager


What was it with..."20,000 Leagues Under The Sea?"....Bryan Singer had closed the deal with "20th Century Fox" to direct this thing? In..."Layman's Terms"...in every walk of life...that means contracts have been signed for Singer to direct this thing. And if contracts are signed, starting and finishing dates are specified.

But of course,  we're talking about the...."Wacky Wondrous World"...of your average..."Bryan Singer Fake Press Releases"....where Singer lies as much as NBC-Universal / Universal Studios does in making outrageous claims via..."Fake Press Releases"....

Now it seems, the certainty of Bryan Singer directing..."20,000 Leagues Under The Sea"....isn't so certain. It now seems to be riding on whether or not a Chinese version of the same film gets made. Which means contracts were never signed between Bryan Singer and "20th Century Fox"...locking in starting and finishing dates for the film.

I have a really good idea. Why doesn't Bryan Singer and NBC-Universal / Universal Studios just get out of the movie making business entirely? Since they both have always sucked at it so badly for decades.


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