Monday, June 13, 2016

The SyFy Channel (Unfortunately) Has Become a Conglomeration of Everything That Has Been Wrong With Alleged Science Fiction Television Programmers Going Back 50 Years

What was the nonsense we always got from..."ABC-TV"...."NBC-TV"....and..."CBS-TV"....for decades?

1. "Let's not really do Science Fiction even though at face value we are claiming we are."

2.  "Let's do everything else under the sun except our promise to do Science Fiction."

3. "Yes, when we attempt to really do Science Fiction (no, really!!) it always sucks because we're idiots!!"

4. "Since we really do suck at attempting Science Fiction (we do admit it behind closed doors where the media and the public can't hear us admitting it)...let's just do every other type of genre programming instead (cop shows, hospital dramas, soap operas.)"

5. "Even though we suck at it, we'll never give up making...."Half Ass"....attempts at it. Because we will never have the intelligence and inspired thinking to make...."Full Ass"....attempts at it."


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