Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Every SyFy Channel Series is Doomed to Low Ratings or Just Plain Doomed Period Long Before The First Episodes Air

Every SyFy Channel series is just plain ill-conceived in the development process. A combination of limited budgets, limited resources, and not terribly talented people developing these series in the first place. Always lacking imagination and inspired thinking.

Take..."Wynonna Earp"....for example....

Here was a missed opportunity (due to all of the reasons mentioned above) to do a period piece in the style and time frame of the..."Wild, Wild West"....or..."Brisco County Jr.".... have Wyatt Earp's offspring running around in 1880's America fighting  demons and other creatures of the night, with authentic equipment and settings of the era: Cowboys on horseback, saloons, steam trains, six-shooters, and bad guys.

Obviously, the always limited budgets, resources, and locations of the SyFy Channel (along with the channel's always ever present lack of imagination and inspired thinking) prevented this from happening, and forced..."Wynonna Earp" be set in the..."Low Budget / Scrap Heap / Backlot"...of present day Vancouver....with lots of dust and that detestable low budget film stock the SyFy Channel always uses in most of its productions...the film stock that always has that sort of vague orange tint to it.

As inevitable as it always is...look for the first season of..."Wynonna Earp" show up in the..."Walmart $5.00 Discount DVD Bin"....soon!!


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