Friday, June 3, 2016

Has Bryan Singer's Second Career of Announcing Movies He Never Had Any Intention of Making In The First Place Been Lucrative For Him?


I didn't think so. 

No doubt someone from the.... "Bryan Singer Camp"....took some creative licensing with the closed captioning so those who can clearly hear the spoken word might get thrown off with the incorrect captioning.

Or it's imperative that Bryan Singer's...."Hard of Hearing Fanbase"....get thrown off by the intentionally incorrect closed captioning so they would never know what nefarious antics Singer has been up to for the past 15 years in his steady stream of not making movies he has been announcing for the past 15 years.

Maybe the..."Closed Captioner".....stutters also?

One gets the passing suspicion that the..."Hollywood Side of Business"....where...NBC-Universal...and...Bryan Singer....dwell is never on the level. It's always....Bulls**t...with those two. They just can't survive a single business day without it.

Everything is always....Shady....with those two. Putting it mildly. 


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