Tuesday, February 7, 2017

So In Other Words, This "SyFy Channel" (Formerly The Once Great "Sci-Fi Channel" Of The 1990's) Has Been Owned And Managed By the Wrong People (Cheapskates) All Along


After decades of FAILING to properly own and manage this cable channel, NBC-Universal never did wise up and sell the channel to another much more talented corporation up to the challenge and task of managing a Science Fiction cable channel properly. (And these other much more talented corporations are out there.) They have been all along.

It's pretty pathetic that the RETARDS at NBC-Universal get ecstatic over ratings in the 400,000 viewer range on the SyFy Channel. And pat themselves on the backs because of it.

And with low ratings like that, this IDIOTIC corporation was actually talking about..."expanding its brand"...to other media platforms. What brand? Failure across the board? Remember..."SyFy Kids?"....Of course you don't!!

Can anyone say..."These IDIOTS chose the wrong profession to be in"....in unison?


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