Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Only Time The SyFy Channel Broadcasts Top Quality, Outer Space Based Science Fiction is When Other People (Not NBC-Universal) Have Produced It

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Oh look!! Actual, futuristic looking wardrobe / uniforms in an outer space based Science Fiction show. You can tell NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel didn't produce such an imaginative wardrobe!!

 And the overall producing and scriptwriting of this show is always top notch as well!! Definitely not NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel!!


Instead, this is the..."Anti-Imaginative Wardrobe Nonsense"...NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel routinely comes up with for its outer space based Science Fiction shows. Business suits on a planet supposedly thousands of light years from Earth! Get real!!

The SyFy Channel's always inadequate production budgets always necessitates severe compromises in wardrobe such as..."Off The Rack" suits bought in bulk for all of its originally produced movies and television series.

Even when the story is supposedly taking place on a planet thousands of light years from Earth.

The SyFy Channel calls it..."Naturalistic Science Fiction"...

I call it..."Always a lack of the green stuff"....when the SyFy Channel is producing anything for television!!

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