Friday, April 28, 2017

All It Would Take Is a Gentle Little Nudge To Push The "SyFy Channel" Completely Over The Ledge Into The Realm of The "Kim Kardashian / Gossip" Network

Image result for face off all stars syfy 

Image result for face off all stars syfy 

...And The..."SyFy Channel"...would then be rid of the pesky trappings of Science Fiction programming forever!!

The..."SyFy Channel" desperately wants to be a round the clock..."Entertainment Tonight / Kim Kardashian / Gossip / Smut" of such extremely poor taste it is literally salivating at the idea!!

If...Rona Barrett....were still in her prime and still reporting on all things gossipy and trashy, she would have found a permanent home on the..."SyFy Channel"....!!

The..."SyFy Channel"...itself of course, would have been...Rona Barret's....home base.

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