Monday, April 10, 2017

Retro-Flashback Fun Day!! Remember When The SyFy Channel Categorized Wrestling As "Science Fiction" Simply Because Goofy Costumes Were Worn?

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And it took the other cable networks actually doing good Science Fiction television programming to shock the..."SyFy Channel"...out of its aversion to actual Science Fiction television programming to begin its attempts at trying to do Science Fiction programming itself. After almost 20 years of blowing it off!!

Was the SyFy Channel finally embarrassed after being shown up by its much, much intellectually superior broadcasting peers in this way?

As of this late date, the SyFy Channel has failed to do actual good Science Fiction television programming while the other cable networks continue to soar at it..."Stranger Things!!"....

For this...the SyFy Channel earns yet another..."Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?"...."Donkey Rear Award!!"....

 We always smell you coming a mile away....NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel!!


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