Monday, April 17, 2017

Can We All Agree That The Following Statements About The SyFy Channel Are True?

1. That the SyFy Channel continues to be run by people who really aren't Science Fiction fans.

2. That those who run the SyFy Channel lapse repeatedly into their old habits of preferring the SyFy Channel to be a general interest cable network devoid of Science Fiction entirely when they think no one is looking their way.

3. That when attempts at Science Fiction are tried by the SyFy Channel it usually fails miserably at it.

4. That the average overall budget of a SyFy Channel program continues to be no more than the catering budget for all other programs on all of the other and better funded cable networks.

5. That every single program ever produced by the SyFy Channel never has staying power. That is, these programs are always long forgotten years and decades later after their cancellations.

6. That the SyFy Channel had to be reminded about two years ago to start making actual attempts at Science Fiction programming when it observed how well the other cable networks were doing financially at its own successful attempts at Science Fiction programming. The SyFy Channel has never been a stranger to the irony it has always created for itself.

7. That those who have always been the most vocal about praising SyFy Channel's programming (Ronald D. Moore's..."GINO" - Galactica in Name Only) series have always sounded like unconvincing stealth marketers on the SyFy Channel's payroll.

8. That no one in the mass market public domain ever asked for a..."Sharknado" or one of its sequels.


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