Friday, October 28, 2011

The Flawed And Brain Dead Corporate Interpretation of "Battlestar Galactica" Has Gone On Long Enough

Way back in 1990, when CBS-TV was working on the television series "The Flash", one of the CBS-TV executives actually suggested that the Flash run around in a jogging suit (sweat pants and a sweat shirt.) This executive was obviously oblivious to the fact that the Flash wore a bright red suit with winged ear pieces and a lightning bolt belt. Thankfully for television viewers, this stupid ass idea of this CBS-TV executive never gained traction. Instead (thankfully), the producers of "The Flash" won out and commissioned a very talented wardrobe and makeup person to sculpt an actual Flash suit for actor John Wesley Shipp. No doubt it was conceived and sculpted in a similar manner to the Batman suit worn by actor Michael Keaton in 1989. You weren't quite sure what material the Flash suit was sculpted and constructed out of, but you did know that actor Shipp looked like an absolute bad-ass in it. Particularly in the pilot episode when they had the time to light him with moody lighting, and airbrush his suit muscles with black highlights.

Unfortunately for television viewers, there never has been any such common sense intervention and vetoing rooted in creativity and imagination (from external sources) to stop Universal Studios executives from turning Ronald D. Moore's sham take on "Battlestar Galactica" into a ceaseless nightmare of corporate, bad decision making.

1. Let's have everybody wearing present day three-piece business suits.
2. Let's have everybody wearing present day military fatigues.
3. Let's have everybody wearing present day tank tops and jogging gear.
4. Let's have present day urban areas and apartment buildings.
5. Let's have present day automobiles.
6. Let's have present day eyeglasses and clocks.

Universal Studios executives and their hired stealth marketing thugs can ramble on and on about how this was the correct direction to go. But, all of us from the luxury of our objective vantage points know better. These bad decisions were made because of (1) a low budget, and (2) a thorough and unprecedented lack of imagination in art direction / production design, and wardrobe design.

The general public is not going to go and see this bullshit in their local cinemas, because they didn't stick around to watch this bullshit on the old Sci-Fi Channel and NBC-TV.

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