Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ronald D. Moore's Career Continues To Unravel As It Chugs Along

1. The "Thing" remake movie - He ultimately wasn't involved with it despite earlier announcements.
2. "17th Precinct" - Cancelled by NBC-TV before it ever aired.
3. "Virtuosity" - Cancelled by FOX TV before it ever aired.
4. "Blood & Chrome" - Apparently dead on arrival at SyFy Channel.
5. "Caprica" - Cancelled after a half dozen episodes.
6. "GINO" (Moore's rotten version of "Battlestar Galactica") Four low rated seasons and forgotten.

The article linked above points to two supposedly upcoming projects from Ronald D. Moore.

1. "Wild Wild West" remake
2. "The McCulloughs"

Now, the article linked above is over a year old. It doesn't take a television series over a year to come into being. If CBS-TV wanted a remake of "Wild Wild West", it would have been airing at the latest...last month. So, once again we are moving into territory all too familiar when ever Ronald D. Moore's name is attached to any project. The project ultimately...never pans out. The only reason some of his projects got any sort of "legs" on the SyFy Channel, is become of some sort of friendship thing going on between Moore and SyFy Channel that from what I could tell...was friendship first...and business dead last.

I said this much earlier, and I'll say it again. Away from the SyFy Channel...his projects simply don't survive. His batting average thus far working for Sony has been zero-zero-zero-zero...etc. Unfortunately for Ronald D. Moore...Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern can't race on over to Sony and put their collective arms around him to ensure that "Wild, Wild West" and "The McCulloughs" survive to reach their airdates. Ronald D. Moore is in the adult world now away from his protective family....SyFy Channel. And it's not working.

Ronald D. Moore is growing an ever increasing list of ill-fated projects. Not even surviving to reach their airdates. And he's not associated with the SyFy Channel anymore. There has to be a connection somewhere.

What I find to be recurring problems in anything new that Ronald D. Moore puts forth, is that they repeatedly fall into two flawed categories: (1) Classic television series that do not to need to be remade..or...(2) His own ideas that are hardly original in their own right.

"Wild, Wild West" doesn't need to be remade because it was done right the first time. And a youthful Robert Conrad and Ross Martin can't be replaced. There's also the issue of even if Moore's version of "Wild, Wild West" did survive to see broadcast would get cancelled after a half dozen episodes because the itchy trigger fingers of networks nowadays have already cancelled the likes of a "Playboy Bunny" themed television series after three episodes. Sony and Ronald D. Moore should just quit while they're ahead (if the series is still being developed) because no matter how hard they try...they will never reach the 120 odd episodes produced of the classic and only true "Wild, Wild West" television series.

"The McCulloughs" sounds nothing more than a slightly altered variation on "NCIS." But instead of the series being set in some "NCIS" office, it would be set on a boat. I smell another 3 episode broadcast run (if that) and then..."Poof!!"....cancellation. "NCIS" territory has already been superbly handled by Donald Bellisario. Ronald D. Moore need not embarrass himself by trying to compete with him.

I hate to be the bringer of bad tidings, but I report on what I physically see. I see the wheels coming off of Ronald D. moore's career as the go cart continues to speed down the hill. Just look at the evidence numerically listed above.

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