Friday, October 7, 2011

"Grimm" Premieres On NBC-TV October 14th. The End of The Ronald D. Moore Era At NBC-Universal?

What can be said without a doubt about Comcast's arrival at Universal Studios / SyFy Channel, is that there has been a gradual moving away from projects Ronald D. Moore is attached to. Whether it be projects he was / is involved with directly..."17th Precinct", or projects derived from his earlier involvement..."Blood & Chrome." Even if "Blood & Chrome" shows up in some form in the near future, the fact that there was a pause and hesitation at the SyFy Channel in moving forward with this project may indicate that the power and influence of Comcast may already be in full gear at Universal Studios / SyFy Channel.

The greatest public service Comcast can do for making the entire corporation as devoid of Ronald D. Moore as it possibly can. Stripping every last remnant and memory of Ronald D. Moore from the SyFy Channel as quickly as possible. Comcast is apparently moving in this direction right now. If NBC-TV had been submitted "Grimm" and "17th Precinct" at the same time before Comcast came along, during the Ronald D. Moore era at the former Sci-Fi Channel...NBC-TV would have went with "17th Precinct" hands down. I find it very interesting that the mere switch of a corporate parent has apparently caused Ronald D. Moore to fall out of favor at the SyFy Channel. It is long overdue.

The Ronald D. Moore era at the former Sci-Fi Channel during the decade of the 2000s was littered with favoritism rolled out for him by Bonnie Hammer. Regardless of whether or not Ronald D. Moore was a talented producer / scriptwriter or not (he isn't talented)...he always got his way at the Sci-Fi Channel during the 2000s. It is without a doubt...the most bizarre and eccentric moment in television history that most of us unfortunately had to experience as it happened. Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel of the 2000s with Ronald D. Moore in tow was without a doubt...the most viewer unfriendly and viewer hostile cable network in history. There was not one group spared their animosity. Science Fiction fans..."Battlestar Galactica" fans...casual television viewers in general.

The debut of "Grimm" on NBC-TV October 14th will hopefully signify the end of the entire Ronald D. Moore / Bonnie Hammer era partnership at this hopeless corporation, and bring much better things of a higher caliber to this corporation in its place.

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