Thursday, June 21, 2012

And We Reach The Official "Eight Month Anniversary" of This Announcement!!

Yes...yes!! It was October 21st 2011 when the above announcement was made. As is always the case with Universal Studios and Bryan Singer when they make their bi-ennial "Battlestar Galactica" movie announcements such as the one above, the two of them are nowhere to be found as the clock begins ticking away and moving into the half a year to a year range after such announcements as the one above are made.

Not surprisingly and typically on this eight month anniversary of the above announcment, Universal Studios and Bryan Singer haven't lifted a finger to make this movie.

I can only guess that at some point during the past eight months when Ron Meyer nuked this movie for the umpteenth time for no rational reason, it paved the way for Bryan Singer to devote his undivided attention to "The Munsters." A television pilot everyone knows well in advance is doomed for failure.

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