Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've Said it Before And I'll Say it Again: Bryan Singer's Projects Are Getting Fewer And Farther Between

It doesn't matter what project Bryan Singer announces. The project either never gets made at all or it takes him years and years to make even one.

His "Jack The Giant Killer" has been in post-production for so long it should be listed in the "Guiness Book of World Records" as the longest time ever recorded to make a movie.

From what Bryan Singer himself said, the studio backing "Excalibur" was unhappy with the snails pace Bryan Singer was putzing along in during the pre-production process of that movie. So apparently the studio shelved "Excalibur" because of his slow manner of working.

Other projects Bryan Singer have announced have been routinely shelved including "Logan's Run", "Six Billion Dollar Man", "Star Trek", etc.

The only medium where Bryan Singer makes any sort of recent progress is television, where he has done "House" and is now working on "The Munsters", taking on that project immediately after proclaiming he would be giving his undivided attention to a "Battlestar Galactica" theatrical film in October 2011.

The fact is, there is something very odd about Bryan Singer in what appears to be a fundamental incompatibility with the theatrical medium after the failure of his "Superman Returns." He can't or won't get anything done with theatrical films. On the rare occasion that he does, it takes him much much longer than usual (much much longer than other film directors in the industry) to get a movie made.

He has announced a "Battlestar Galactica" theatrical project for a second time. The first time in 2009, the second in October 2011. The 2009 film project never got made with Bryan Singer and Universal Studios not saying why. The October 2011 film project shows no progress whatsoever eight months later. No progress made beyond John Orloff supposedly being hired as the scriptwriter.

His 2001 "Battlestar Galactica" television series for FOX television of course never got made because he claims 9/11 derailed that project. Yet other projects in production at that time still got made.

Percentage wise, Bryan Singer averages about  5% of any of his projects (movies or television) getting made at all, out of 100% of the projects he keeps routinely announcing.

I think that there are two things going on here with Bryan Singer at the same time:

1. He is a very, very, very slow worker (by theatrical movie standards) that perhaps causes studios to lose patience with him thus they shelve the projects he is working on (Excalibur) or give them to someone else. "Jack The Giant Killer" still hasn't been released?

2. The failure of "Superman Returns" has perhaps closed a number of doors for him in the theatrical industry, moreso than he realizes at the time. Prompting him to announce such projects as "Logan's Run" prematurely.

The combination of the two is driving him to television...permanently. Where for example, "The Munsters" has made more progress than any of his other announced projects. The reason being, in television directors work for producers and are forced to work much much faster. And the television series "House" sure got cranked out expeditiously didn't it?

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