Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Take it The Partnership Between Ronald D. Moore And Sony Hasn't Been Fruitful?

Ronald D. Moore is apparently having the same problems with announced genre projects that Bryan Singer has been having. They aren't getting made.

Remember when Ronald D. Moore was supposed to be doing a "Wild, Wild West" reboot for television with CBS? Well, that was two years ago as the above link shows and it doesn't take two years to make a television pilot.

It seems to me that Bryan Singer and Ronald D. Moore should get out of the Science Fiction / Fantasy profession and open an ice cream stand together. They might have more luck business wise.

And Ronald D. Moore has only produced the rejected "17th Precinct" pilot for Sony and nothing else in the....what?....two years they have been in partnership together? So what's going on with the lack of productivity there?

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