Saturday, June 30, 2012

The SyFy Channel is The Worst Cable Channel in History

All kidding aside with the "Bigfoot" movie starring Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams (which no doubt is one of the worst movies ever made sweeping all categories)....

Let's face it...

The SyFy Channel is the worst cable channel in history and Bonnie Hammer / David Howe / Mark Stern (pictured above) are the worst television programmers in history.

1. The overall schedule of the SyFy Channel is all over the map (in terms of subject matter) in failing to lock down a concrete identity for the SyFy Channel.

2. The originally produced horror movies of the SyFy Channel display (what is now) status quo rotten producing, scriptwriting, directing, casting, and terribly rendered CGI for the monsters that is a throw back to the early days of the technology when it was still trying to be mastered.

3. The most long forgotten actors pop up on the SyFy Channel, don't they? Barry Williams, Danny Bonaduce, etc. Is this because they are so affordable?

4. It should be a surprise to no one that the likes of Ronald D. Moore (who was regarded by the SyFy Channel as "God") in the days of his "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) series, really wasn' talented in the first place in that prodigious sort of way...hasn't gone on to anything better since leaving the SyFy Channel. And that the television industry overall regards Ronald D. Moore as a layman when it comes to Science Fiction and Fantasy...

Sort of a "Meh"...."ho-hum"....kind of assessment.

As opposed to the "hyper-pumped up on steroids" unrealistic assessment of him by the SyFy Channel.

5. That the SyFy Channel no doubt holds the same, extraordinarily unrealistic opinion of Bryan Singer, who may end up making the SyFy Channel his permanent home in television just to survive. Is Bryan Singer suddenly going to attain the status of "A-List" theatrical director after directing the "Munsters" pilot for NBC? Probably not.

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