Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is Bonnie Hammer a Television Programmer or a Retail Marketer For "Diet Coke?" A Little Hint: It's The Latter

The "SyFy Channel" and the "USA Network" are not television networks. They are figurative grocery stores stocked with figurative retail products such as "Diet Coke" and "Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles" from Bonnie Hammer's...."Retail Product Distribution Vocabulary."

In Bonnie Hammer's vocabulary, there is no such thing as "television programs." But there are "Brand Filters", "nebulous brand name theories"...."bonding customers to products"....."light & dark" when marketing products and product concepts to the public....and the total absence of any entertainment value at the "SyFy Channel" and the "USA Network."

This woman (God love her) is not a television programmer. She is a "Retail Distribution Territorial Manager." In her soul that's what she is.

"Nestles Chocolate" needs this woman for immediate employment. So does "Coca-Cola", so does "Fanny May Candies", so does "Hallmark Cards", so does "Chrysler Automobiles."

Bonnie Hammer may very well go down in the history books as the most brilliant "Retail Theorist" in the history of mankind....erroneously employed at two cable networks.

Her brain processes information in strictly "Retail Terms." Did you notice that? Everything to her is a "Product." As to the real "meat & potatoes" of running a cable network and what any television network is supposed to be, such as the genuine desire to entertain the viewing public, is completely oblivious to her.

There's nothing wrong with always thinking in retail terms, as long as Bonnie Hammer is employed in some capacity in the "Retail Industry" and not in the "Cable Television Industry."

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