Thursday, December 20, 2012

Since Bryan Singer Really Isn't Working Anymore (We Can Deduce That By Reading Between The Lines of All of His Fake Press Releases)....

...Maybe I can help Bryan Singer try and find a job by suggesting some career paths for him....

Computers!! A good, durable career to get into. Everything in our society is run by computers now!! What do you think, Singer old boy? ITT Technical Institute is calling you!!

Don't laugh!! If you have $800, can open up your very own McDonalds affiliate restaurant!! Be careful though, Singer old boy...If you don't set up your restaurant and make all menu items precisely to McDonalds specifications...their corporate office will come out to your restaurant and strip all McDonalds brand name recognition from your restaurant. You'll still have your restaurant, but you just won't be able to sell McDonalds items there.

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