Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Signs Can't Be Any Clearer That Universal Studios Has An Ongoing Prejudice Against Science Fiction and Specifically, "Battlestar Galactica"

Universal Studios: The home of a massive "Corporate Dysfunctionality" towards the entire Science Fiction genre and specifically..."The 1978 Battlestar Galactica" series.

Universal Studios October 21st, 2011 "Fake" Press Release of a non-existent "Battlestar Galactica" movie. Universal Studios makes these repeated, Bi-ennial "Fake" press releases of theirs in the hopes that the "Galactica" fanbase will eventually give up on the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series through the repeated disappointment of this movie never being made, taking their fan worship elsewhere. It keeps backfiring in Universal Studios face of course, and the fanbase for the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series remains as strong and as vibrant as it has ever been. The moral of the story is: Universal Studios needs to stop trying to practice "Reverse Psychology" on the general public.

Bryan Singer's "Fake" August 3rd, 2012 follow-up to the above "Fake" Press Release of Universal Studios. Bryan Singer always blindly tags along for the ride with Universal Studios in trying to keep the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" dead because in all seriousness, what else does Bryan Singer have going on in his life (professionally) right now? Another "X-Men" movie? Yeah, right. More like loads and loads of free time.

The symptoms and signs have been unmistakable since day one. Universal Studios has a "Corporate Problem" with all things Science Fiction and all things "Battlestar Galactica."

1. NBC-Universal utterly decimated the once great Sci-Fi Channel with bad management and a crappy name change ("SyFy".)

2. Universal Studios has not one...not one...ongoing, successful, and beloved Science Fiction "Tent-Pole Property" on the order of "Star Wars" and "Star Trek."

3. "Battlestar Galactica", as it was originally presented in the 1978 series has the full potential to be a mass market accepted, "Tent-Pole Science Fiction Property." The third legitimate and formidable  alternative to "Star Wars" and "Star Trek." But since Universal Studios is a thoroughly broken and dysfunctional corporation when it comes to the entire Science Fiction genre and "Battlestar Galactica", this will never happen. Unless the "Battlestar Galactica" property is sold to another corporation with a brain within its corporate skull. The problem has never been the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series. The problem has always been Universal Studios.

4. Everything else Universal Studios owns Science Fiction related, they keep dead within their clueless and thoughtless ownership. Foe example...

a. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
b. Flash Gordon
c. Back to The Future
d. Jurassic Park

5. Yes, Universal Studios has tried (less than half-heartedly) to bring some of their Science Fiction properties back to life. The results typically however, have always been disastrous:

a. Battlestar Galactica -

In three consecutive instances, Universal Studios failed miserably to bring "Battlestar Galactica" back to life. "GINO" - ("Galactica in Name Only"), "Caprica", "Blood & Chrome." The reasons for these three consecutive failures are wide and varied. Universal Studios notorious hatred of "Galactica" in its original and only proper form: "The 1978 Battlestar Galactica" series. (You can't go in two opposite directions at the same time. Hate something and then attempt to remake it.) The staggering lack of imagination and staggering lack of inspired thinking within "Universal Studios Black Tower." Universal Studios repeated unwillingness to hire quality people and talented people to helm "Battlestar Galactica" - (Bryan Singer, Ronald D. Moore, and Daiv Eick ain't it.) Finally, Universal Studios all around "Brain Farting" when it comes to all things Science Fiction and "Battlestar Galactica."

b. Flash Gordon -

Remember this piece of crap on Bonnie Hammer's SyFy Cannel? Universal reduced "Flash Gordon" to a low budget, dimension hopping nerd. It was cheaper production wise for Universal than having "Flash Gordon" going planet-hopping.

The blame for all of these endless misfires with Science Fiction and "Battlestar Galactica" must be placed where the blame deserves to be placed. With the corporate people at Universal Studios making all of these, endless crappy decisions with Science Fiction in general and "Battlestar Galactica." In addition to not having the "Cerebral Intellect" to deal with Science Fiction in general and "Battlestar Galactica", these corporate people working at the "Universal Studios Black Tower" have a "Snooty Attitude" towards Science Fiction in general and "Battlestar Galactica." Psychologically speaking, it's common for "Corporate People" to have "Snooty Attitudes" towards things they do not have the "Cerebral Intellect" to deal with and address. To sum up: The people working at the "Universal Studios Black Tower" are not smart people when it comes to Science Fiction in general and "Battlestar Galactica." They are stupid.

I'm sure Universal Studios would prefer it if its "disastrous corporate history" with all things Science Fiction and "Battlestar Galactica" be forgotten and buried with all of the other bad memories on the Internet. But that's not going to happen. Not when the solution to all of these problems will always be...Replacing all of the people currently working in the "Universal Studios Black Tower" with people who know what the heck they are doing, and people who have a clear head when dealing with all things Science Fiction and "Battlestar Galactica." People are replaced in the business world (for poor performance) all of the time. Why stop now?

It's a sad state of affairs in our society that all too frequently, the wrong people end up in specific positions of employment. Positions of employment that they are not suited for...

1. Everyone working in the "Universal Studios Black Tower."
2. Bonnie Hammer - Head of anything at NBC-Universal??
3. David Howe - television executive??
4. Mark Stern - television executive??
5. Ronald D. Moore - a television producer??
6. David Eick - a television producer??
7. Bryan Singer - a movie director??

The entire NBC-Universal corporation can very easily be a textbook example of what goes wrong when the wrong people are hired for endless positions across the board.

When was the last time Universal Studios showed up at "Comic-Con" for any reason whatsoever?

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