Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When The SyFy Channel Recently Celebrated its 20 Year Anniversary, Why Was Nobody Celebrating?


Maybe because the general public knows the infamous truth about the SyFy Channel:

1. That a good half of those 20 years of the SyFy Channel were managed by different (better) people and a different (better) corporation (not NBC-Universal, not Bonnie Hammer, not David Howe, not Mark Stern), when the channel was 1000% better than it is now, actually aired Science Fiction content, and was actually called..."The Sci-Fi Channel."

2. That this channel completely went to shit when NBC-Universal bought it, and Bonnie Hammer / David Howe / and Mark Stern were brought in to manage it.

3. That quite frankly, nobody watches this channel anymore.

If any birthday cake and balloons were passed around during the 20th Anniversary of this channel, it was quietly done so among the "hardly successful executives" working in the "Universal Studios Black Tower."

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