Monday, July 29, 2013

Has The SyFy Channel Ever Confronted The Reality of How They Actually Perform as a Cable Network?

"Sharknado's" ratings weren't spectacular by any means. Even by the SyFy Channel's laughable standards they were below average. An earlier movie produced by the SyFy Channel pertaining to sharks got double the ratings "Sharknado" got. Why didn't the SyFy Channel pay any mind to this earlier movie that got double the ratings? Because they never got any attention for it online. What the SyFy Channel always craves....attention. From anybody for any reason.

Want to know what it is about the SyFy Channel and this stupid "Sharknado" movie of theirs? Because the SyFy Channel got a little bit of attention from adolescents on "Twitter" (attention that did not translate into high ratings for the SyFy Channel)...The SyFy Channel has been gushing all over itself while staring into the mirror. So much so, that they immediately placed an order for a sequel to this stupid movie. Why? Because they got a little bit of attention from adolescents on "Twitter" who ultimately did not watch the "Sharknado" movie itself. Not because "Sharknado" got huge ratings. The normal and rational justification for ordering a sequel to a television movie.

These "Twitter" people posting "tweets" weren't the slightest bit interested in watching the "Sharknado" movie, they were just taken with the idiotic premise of sharks being whipped around in a tornado. It makes for fun water cooler conversations, doesn't it?

Is there anybody at the SyFy Channel....or NBC-Universal...or "The Black Tower"....who does the slightest bit of research into reality on behalf of their own corporation?

I didn't think so....


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