Thursday, July 18, 2013

What in God's Name is The SyFy Channel Doing at "Comic-Con??"

It's one thing to pretend that you're a "Science Fiction Channel" 365 days a year. It's something else entirely to have the "unmitigated gall" to mingle amongst the general public every year at "Comic-Con" pretending to be a "Science Fiction Channel" there as well. Now, that's really hitting below the belt!!

I wouldn't expect "ESPN" and "MTV" to show up at "Comic-Con" either!!

After the SyFy Channel's own admission time and time again with Bonnie Hammer leading the charge....

quote - "Science Fiction fans are nothing but overgrown adolescents still living in their parents basements." - unquote

NBC-Universal decimated the once great "Sci-Fi Channel" of the 1990s adhering to that insane corporate philosophy.

Why does the SyFy Channel suddenly want to mingle with these people now?? These..."overgrown adolescents still living in their parents basements."

Somebody needs to send the SyFy Channel an invitation to attend the "Indianapolis 500." They wouldn't be anymore out of place there either.


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