Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Retro-Flashback Fun Day!!" A New Recurring Item on My Blog Where I Showcase The Accidental and Self-Inflicted Wounds of NBC-Universal Upon Itself!!

Today's excursion into ridicule.....

Universal Studios big budget flop from 2009!!

"Land of The Lost" starring Will Ferrell!!!

What in God's name was Universal Studios thinking when they greenlit a big budget movie remake of an obscure Saturday morning kids show from 1974 that no one....and I mean no one....of this generation of moviegoers would even know what the hell it is....what it was....or what the hell it was doing on the movie screens of their local Cineplexes? Hell, even the "Baby Boomer Generation" that watched this show in 1974 would have a hard time dusting off their memories and trying to find this show in their craniums!!

This is one of the many reasons why NBC-Universal is so broken in its management thinking as a corporation. They believed everyone spanning generations would remember and know what the hell "Land of The Lost" was from 1974....and yet they repeatedly claimed throughout the decade of the 2000s that no one would remember the "Prime Time Big Budget Battlestar Galactica Television Series from 1978."



I think the "Suits" in the Universal Studios "Black Tower" need to pass this around to one another a few more times for inspiration as to what their next ludicrous idea for a movie will be.


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