Thursday, July 11, 2013

You Mean...The SyFy Channel Couldn't Come Up With Anything Better Than..."Sharknado?"

Of all the wonderful things in this life capable of being swept up by a monster tornado in order to prey on the innocent (The U.S. Supreme Court) for example, the best SyFy Channel could do is think of "Killer Sharks?" That's it?? How typically "Black Tower-ese" and "Corporate-ese" of NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel to blow an opportunity like this and fall back on the cliché ridden Steven Spielberg escape route of "Killer Sharks." Everybody does killer sharks!!

Personally, I prefer more imaginative life forms to be caught up in the monster tornados that terrorize me. For example....

I give you....

.....The Kardashian Sisters....

Picture this....A monster tornado ravages Transylvania. Three humanoid vampire bats (The Kardashian Sisters as Dracula's Brides) are swept up in the tornado. (Think "Dracula's Brides" in the "Van Helsing" movie.)They prey and feed upon the local town folk. Vampire bats are accustomed to flying anyway, so just imagine the additional lift, range, and speed a monster tornado would give the "Kardashian Sister Vampire Bats" as they soar through downtown Transylvania seducing every man they swoop down and pick up!!
I would watch....."KARDASHIAN - NADO"....any day of the week!! Any day or time!!! Multiple times!!
You see?? You see?? I'm an idea guy with inspired thinking!! I think outside of the box!! If NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel had come to me in the first place, I could have made them billions with just one low budget television movie.

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