Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Difference Between The SyFy Channel and Quality Science Fiction is Staggering. We Might as Well be Comparing a "Slurpee Big Gulp" to a "Rolls Royce"


Corporate executives usually are "Cerebrally Handicapped" when it comes to the entire issue of Science Fiction. Unfortunately, this handicap has been unusually potent and concentrated at NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel....the last corporation on Earth that should be owning what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel for any reason.

"Sharknado's" ratings were low even by the SyFy Channel's laughable standards, yet the corporate mentality there is jumping up and down for joy that their low rated and low budget "B-Movie" was paid attention to by a miniscule number of teenagers on "Twitter." SyFy Channel executives love to be paid attention to by teenagers on "Twitter" so much, they greenlit a sequel to "Sharknado." What can be summed up here? SyFy Channel executives don't care about making money, they just want to be paid attention to by teenagers on "Twitter." If the "attention" is in the form of "notoriety", SyFy Channel executives will take even that since they have always failed to attract respectable attention to themselves.

What real, quality Science Fiction is. Irony always being as cruel as it is, "The Questor Tapes" is owned by NBC-Universal...a corporation "too cerebrally handicapped and too adolescent" in its corporate thinking to comprehend the value of what they have on their hands with "The Questor Tapes." The makings of an ongoing Science Fiction franchise. It no doubt never even occurred to NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel to dust off this television movie and do something intelligent and contemporary with it by hiring the right people to do it because I doubt very much that NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel even knows what "The Questor Tapes" is, or that it has been owned by the various incarnations of their corporation since 1974....Because this corporation quite simply is not intelligent enough to handle the entire issue of Science Fiction.

No, NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel has been too busy having "Endless Corporate Wet Dreams" trying to get attention on the Internet with the endless garbage (their endless freak show parade of crap monster movies) they keep putting on the air.

The United States may get a quality Science Fiction cable channel some day...but it will never be provided by NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel.


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