Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bryan Fuller Spills The Beans On The SyFy Channel

“[B]ecause of how strange the development process was at the network, I don’t think anybody was surprised [that it wasn't made into a series],” Fuller said. “Right before we were ordered, the highest guy at the network told us he didn’t think this was science fiction. So we were like, ‘OK, this is gonna be interesting.’ [laughs] I think the bigger issue with them was just the tone because it was fun…and science fiction for them has to be serious because they need to be taken seriously as a network.” (SyFy declined to comment.)


"SyFy needs to be taken seriously as a network?" Really? This sure as hell hasn't happened yet!! One of the pre-requisites to this happening is a network knowing who and what the hell they are in terms of a discernible on-air identity!! SyFy still doesn't have one after 15 years!! (Including when it still called itself "Sci-Fi.") A network also has to embrace what they are supposed to be in order to be taken seriously. This too, sure as hell hasn't happened yet!! Name one least one....when Universal Studios / Bonnie Hammer ever embraced Science Fiction on their retarded network in 15 years. Never!! Instead, SyFy has been nothing but a basic cable network (no focused on-air identity...i.e....Sports? Cartoons? Horror? News?) airing a smorgasbord of crappy programming instead reflecting no discernible on-air identity.

So, according to SyFy....Science Fiction can't be fun (during those rare moments when they do try to attempt it)....because if it is....then SyFy won't be taken seriously as a network.

The network was never taken seriously as a network even when Edward James Olmos was frowning all over kingdom's creation during...."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only). Because in the case of...."GINO" was proven that there is a such a thing as....going overboard....with the intense determination at being ultra- serious. To the point of it becoming parody and becoming fodder for ridicule....which is what happened to Edward James Olmos.

So...Let's sum up, shall we? The SyFy Channel wants to be taken seriously as a network despite the facts that...

1. It hasn't had a discernible, on-air identity in 15 years. It's just a basic cable network.

2. It hasn't been a Science Fiction network (what it was supposed to be) all along in 15 years.

3. It doesn't want its weekly horror movies made by (cringe: "The Asylum") to be taken seriously.

4. Its two "Sharknado" movies are supposed to be considered (SyFy's wishes) just a big joke.

5. It is creatively incapable of making quality Science Fiction  and Horror. The SyFy Channel can't even put a coherent thought together with either one.

6. SyFy's operating budgets in everything they do are just one big joke. (low budget galore)

7. SyFy is notoriously known for shunning all things Science Fiction.

8. SyFy has put wrestling, a cooking show, and a sham psychic (John Edward) on its network at different times.

9. Its "Ghost Hunters" show is about former bathroom plumbers who now hunt supposed ghosts. Beginning to see the irony here?

10. No talent in upper management in any specific discipline has run this network in 15 years.


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