Friday, September 12, 2014

These "Sissy Puff" Reviews of SyFy Channel Shows Obviously Designed to Hold Back Real, Valid Criticisms of The SyFy Channel Shows That Suck...

...or give a "friendly pass" to the obvious shortcomings of these SyFy Channel shows are doing no service to the public needing to be realistically informed about rotten television programs....

What does this...."Sissy Puff Review" the link above tell us about...."Z Nation".....?

1. "Z Nation" was made by that detestable production company of low budget schlock.... "Asylum Films"...but that's OK!!

2. "Z Nation" is no..."Walking Dead"....television series. Nothing wrong with being a second rate and low budget zombie knock-off series of...."Walking Dead"....It's still fully watchable while you're doing the laundry and baking brownies.....but that's OK!!

3. The actors..... well....they're kind of....not good....(they suck) their performances.....but that's OK!!

4. The "Z Nation" storyline doesn't have the complexity and depth of the...."Walking Dead"....storyline because it has to wrap everything up quickly and one dimensionally (character wise) in 13 weeks.....but that's OK!! 

5. The writing is indeed "not good" ...(it sucks ass)....but that's OK!!

Geez....Huffington Post....Just sum up your opinion of...."Z Nation".... for us, why don't 'ya?

Huffington Post: "Z Nation sucks...but give it a watch anyway."


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