Sunday, September 28, 2014

This, In a Nutshell (In More Ways Than One) Is What Happened to The Once Great "Sci-Fi Channel" After Universal Studios Got Its Corporate Meat Hooks On It

No doubt in the "whirlwind wheeling and dealing at breakneck speed of bulk channel purchasing" which led to Universal Studios eventually owning a Science Fiction channel, they didn't know what they had bought until after they had bought it. So, after Universal began sorting through all of the channels they had bought around 1998 in this bulk channel purchase, they no doubt looked at the "Sci-Fi Channel" they had just bought and said...

Universal Studios: "Oh, shit!! We just bought a Science Fiction channel!!"

Always adhering to the business philosophy of...."never selling what they own even if they don't like it personally"....Universal no doubt began assigning people from its ranks to manage the "Sci-Fi Channel" around 1998. People who weren't Science Fiction fans. Such as Bonnie Hammer, who brought her vast experience in managing a public television station to the Sci-Fi Channel, along with her experience in producing a children's entertainment  program and wrestling for television. A good fit there!! (rolling my eyes.)

No doubt these people who Universal Studios assigned to managing the "Sci-Fi Channel" in 1998 weren't happy about getting the assignment. Because all of these people hated Science Fiction. So these people began warping and twisting (from day one on the job) the on-air identity of the "Sci-Fi Channel" in 1998. They began expanding the definition of Science Fiction in all sorts of ludicrous directions in order to suit themselves and to make their daily programming duties as easy as possible...

1. They expanded the definition of Science Fiction for themselves to make their work days as comfortable as possible by including in its definition....the non-Science Fiction movie, "Cape Fear." This of course, ignited the trend of the "Sci-Fi Channel" staff in 1998 of raiding the "USA Film Vaults" for....any old thing....they could throw up (literally) on the "Sci-Fi Channel" schedule. I think the Sci-Fi Channel staff (beginning in 1998) made it through the entire collected works of Universal Studios non-Science Fiction movies from the "USA Film Vaults" at least once in this manner. While this was going on...

2. They simultaneously began cancelling all of the good Science Fiction shows on the "Sci-Fi Channel" they had just bought circa 1998 and beyond, and began replacing them with horrid non-Science Fiction shows of their own such as...."Scare Tactics"....."Captain Klump's Cosmo Kitchen" (or whatever)..."Crossing Over With John Edward"..."Dream Team"...."Flash Gordon"....."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)...."Babbling For a Half Hour" - with Wil Wheaton...."Helix"...."Z Nation"..."Wrestling"...."The Big Boobs of Cosplay"....and...."This is How You Apply Makeup in Big Budget Movies Because We Can't Afford to Make Our Own Big Budget Movies With Elaborate Makeup Like This."

3. Proving the scientific fact that...."Likes attract absolutely"....the horrid "SyFy Channel" eventually hooked up with the equally horrid....."Asylum Films"....and began making the...."Worst Horror Movies Ever Made"....such as...."Sharknado"...."Frankenfish" - (or was that "Frankenpuss?")...."Area 51"....and...."Ice Spiders".....

These unhappy souls who manage the "SyFy Channel" eventually let it be known that they want their network (SyFy) and themselves to be taken seriously. With this laughable body of work? Really? They can't be taken seriously as television programmers because (as their body of work repeatedly proves)...they don't have any sort of talent that can be rewarded. They are terrible television programmers.


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