Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maybe Someday...When The SyFy Channel is Under Much, Much Better Management, and Its...."Toilet Sewer Stable"...of New Television Programs Aren't Always Referred to In Every Review as...

...."Sure This New SyFy Channel Show Sucks Ass...But Do You Have Anything Else Better To Do On a Friday Night to Kill Time"......?

....And all of these current and rotten television shows of the SyFy Channel finally vanish when the present management does the same (taking all of their highly questionable qualifications in everything they do with them)....

.....Maybe the SyFy Channel (with a much needed name change and much needed consistent format to be operating under 365 days a year)....

...Will cease being...."Blow Hard Hot Air"....over the airwaves every minute of every day.


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