Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is The "SyFy Channel" Really Just a "Background Noise Failed Cable Network" For "Drunk College Kids?"

How bad (rotten to the core) has the "SyFy Channel" been since the "NBC-Universal - Universal Studios" group came in and purchased this channel (the former and once great "Sci-Fi Channel") against the better judgment of everyone who knew all along that Universal Studios should never come within arms distance reach of anything "Science Fiction" and "Battlestar Galactica" related because Universal sucks so bad at managing both? 

This cable network has never been  run by anyone at NBC-Universal who has had any sort of fondness for "Science Fiction" and "Battlestar Galactica" no small part due to the fact that no one at this corporation has the slightest talent for managing the former and the latter.

The inevitable outcome of this entire mess has been...that NBC-Universal ultimately settled into its permanent dysfunctional rut of managing the "SyFy Channel"....."half-ass" and "slipshod"....hoping to attract the undesirable demographic of...."Alcoholic College Kids".....from "Twitter" who would all be so...."F**ked Up"....from booze and drugs....that they would never realize how rotten the "SyFy Channel" programming is....on a Saturday night for example.

So, the "SyFy Channel" isn't an...."Appointment Destination"....for serious, cerebral viewing for these college kids but rather....."Backround Noise".....for these kids when the frat parties are going on with the booze and drugs flying back and forth. Speculation of course. (Evil Grin)

Because NBC-Universal never took this channel seriously, neither does its miniscule viewership of drunk college kids who revel in the...."Background Noise Orgy"....of...."Sharknado."


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