Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Sharknado 3 Is a Go!!" As is All of The Other Usual, Non-Science Fiction and Underperforming Offerings On The SyFy Channel


Never before in the entire history of broadcasting (cable network or otherwise) has a television network so embraced its overall dysfunctionality with such undisguised relish as the "SyFy Channel" has....from... (1) Not being the cable network it is supposed to be [Science Fiction]....to....(2) Never trying to course correct this sad fact....to....(3)....Not being talented in the slightest in managing, producing, writing, and directing television programming overall....to....(4) Having a ceaseless and endlessly revolving on-air schizophrenic identity of....Wrestling....badly produced horror movies....cooking shows.....reality shows of every subject matter imaginable....and involuntarily aborted attempts at Science Fiction....to....(5) Never and not having the talented people in management necessary to run this cable channel generally speaking and in the format it is supposed to be managed [Science Fiction].

Much the same way paraplegics have to eventually embrace their situations, right?


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