Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 Years On The Air With Their Video Cameras Constantly Rolling...Not One Instance of Verifiable and Actual Ghost Footage Ever Captured On Film

What we have gotten staged and scripted encounters with fake ghosts (stuff falling over on cue from out of camera range stage hands)....little pinpricks of light which are actually instances of lens flare on film, talking to ghosts that aren't there...and my all time favorite schtick of this show....

"Look...over there!!" (Camera doesn't immediately dart to the right or left but stays on these guys for as long as unreasonably possible. Camera gradually and slowly moves to the right or left. Of course, nothing ever captured on film.)

"Did you see that??"

"The most incredible ghost I ever saw!!"

"Did it have three arms?"

"No, that was a penis."


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