Thursday, October 23, 2014

Your "Go To Destination" For The Worst Horror Movies Ever Made. Courtesy of "Asylum Films" and "Syfy Channel"

There seriously needs to be...."Film Study Courses" universities across the country covering the crappiest and worst horror movies ever made by "Asylum Films" and "SyFy Channel."

How would this be for a course curriculum?

1. An overview of "Asylum Films"

2. An overview of "SyFy Channel"

3. The disastrous merging of "Asylum" and "SyFy" into a crappy, singular entity.

4. What usual low budget and crappy ingredients always pass muster for an "Asylum / SyFy" film?

5. Why these films which really never make a dime, and always slammed by critics are repeatedly green lit for production.

6. What great ideas for horror films would never pass the low standards muster for an "Asylum" / "SyFy" film because they would simply cost too much?

7. Why a merged corporation frequently gets stuck in the toilet bowl (and cruise control) of making crappy movies because the talent is never there to make better ones.

8. Why merged corporations (the absolute worst at what they do) never pull the plug on themselves when they really should.

9. Why the cast and crew members of these rotten movies always get up at 4:00 am every morning (for 18 hour days) in order to report to the main gate of where ever they report to for the sole purpose of making crappy movies. Hint: They have to pay their rent and utilities in the trailer park.

10. Why the SyFy Channel executives that always green light this junk are never let go. Hint: They have to pay their rent and utilities in the trailer park.


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