Saturday, October 25, 2014

And After The Film Clip of Pointless Violence, We are Left With The Inevitable Question: "What is The SyFy Channel and Why Does It Suck So Bad?"

Cable channels this bad on the...."Sucktitude Scale".....become this bad only through one way....The laziness and status quo mentality of its owners....and the owners always having no clue as to what a Science Fiction channel is supposed to be.

Television programming doesn't get any worse than...."Z Nation...."

Status Quo - "Let's rip-off the hottest show on television ("The Walking Dead") and do it very badly because we're very lazy at the SyFy Channel with inadequate funding to even compete with "The Walking Dead" but we'll try anyway because we never did have any common sense and street smarts."

In the film clip of the zombie coming at the woman with his pants down, the opportunity for humor at the very least completely went over the heads of "SyFy Channel" and "Asylum Films." Instead of delivering a serious line of dialogue in the midst of a potentially humorous situation..."Where did you come from?"...The line of dialogue should have been along these lines....

1. "In your dreams, pal."
2. "You don't beat around the bush, do you?"
3. "And you probably struck out with women when you were still human."
4. "And if you came at me while you were still human, I would still shoot it off."
5. "If you were cheating on me....I would cheer."

Isn't this just like the SyFy Channel? Not capitalizing on an obvious situation of opportunity (In this case, an obvious set-up for a one liner) because the talent and quick wit simply isn't there at the SyFy Channel.

This and a million other reasons is why Science Fiction fans gave up en masse on the NBC-Universal owned "SyFy Channel" a good decade ago.


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