Sunday, May 15, 2016

Interpreting What One of The "Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Releases" of Universal Studios Really Means

1. Bryan Singer's..."Bad Hat Harry Productions" involved in the production.
Translation: Bryan Singer and his..."Bad Hat Harry Productions"....are not involved in this production in the slightest...."Bad Hat Harry Productions" actually a manufacturer for the latest brand of..."Cashew Nuts"....

2. Michael DeLuca is a huge fan of..."Battlestar Galactica"...
Translation: Not only is Michael DeLuca not a fan of..."Battlestar Galactica"...but also has never heard of this show, probably never watched it a day in his life, and probably hasn't even been told by Universal Studios that it attached his name to this project via its latest..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"...

3. Jay Polidoro at Universal Studios is overseeing this entire production.
Translation: Jay Polidoro probably isn't in charge of overseeing..."Jack Squat".... developing at Universal Studios and probably couldn't even successfully oversee the rest rooms being cleaned in the..."Universal Studios Black Tower"...

4. Jack Paglen penned the recent draft of the script.
Translation: Jack Paglen vanished off of the face of the Earth the last time his name was attached to a..."Battlestar" and was never seen or heard from again. At least since 2014...when the last..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"...came out with his name attached to that.

5. The fact that these..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie Press Releases"...going back 15 years have never reached and have never been carried by the legitimate news organizations like...CNN....and instead have only showed up in these..."Piss-Ant"....little..."National Enquirer - esque" outlets on the Internet (like in the link above) should tell you something about the lacking legitimacy of these fake press releases of Universal Studios.

6. And I'm also speaking of Bryan Singer and his ongoing series of..."Fake Ass Press Releases" well going back a decade.


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