Thursday, May 19, 2016

Universal Studios, Through Some Unfortunate Cruel Accident of Fate, Wound Up With Some of The Greatest Potential Science Fiction Franchises of All Time

It was a..."Mismatch Made In Hell"...

Universal Studios...The most BRAIN DEAD CORPORATION....that ever existed on the face of the Earth when it comes to Science Fiction properties...

unfortunately wound up with some of the...GREATEST POTENTIAL SCIENCE FICTION FRANCHISES...of all time, still deserving of a decades long and robust life long after their initial television network cancellations.

And decade after decade....BRAIN DEAD UNIVERSAL STUDIOS....just sits there like the RETARDED CORPORATION THAT IT IS....doing nothing constructive with these great Science Fiction properties that still have limitless life ahead of them.

Instead...Universal Studios just continues to make...FLOP TELEVISION SERIES...on the SyFy Channel out of its boring and uninteresting..BOX OFFICE FLOPS...of the

12 Monkeys


Universal Studios...will always remain what it is, unfortunately. A BRAIN DEAD CORPORATION without vision...without inspired thinking...always lacking the ability to see NEW VISTAS for its catalog of Science Fiction properties beyond their initial television network cancellations.

The original..."Star Trek"....series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy was almost cancelled in its first and second seasons. 

Look where it is now!!

It now rivals..."Star Wars" franchise muscle.

All of this unfortunately is a symptom of Universal Studios suffering from a DEADLY DISEASE.

The DEADLY DISEASE of Universal Studios not having talented people running its business.

It would be a different story for...."Battlestar"...."Knight Rider"...and...."Seaquest"...if the three of them were owned by...."Marvel Studios"....or...."Disney Studios"....

Wouldn't it?

We would have been witnessing brighter futures for all three of them already having been going on for decades.

Universal Studios needs to be out of the picture entirely in order for the growth of these three properties to occur. 

The parting of ways could not come soon enough...For the greater good of all three of these potential franchises and its fans.


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