Monday, May 23, 2016

So, What's On The SyFy Channel's "Smorgasbord Menu" of Generic Programming For Today?

A little bit of..."The Bourne Supremacy?"...A little bit of..."Sharknado?"...A..."C.S.I."...rerun? Poor slobs getting drunk on..."Geeks Who Drink?"

How about the entire catalog of non-Science Fiction movies from the...."Universal Studios Film Vaults?

No one has any idea what the SyFy Channel is at this late date since it has always lacked a discernible on air identity...but it sure continues to serve up a daily generic schedule of..."Whatever"...."What?"....and...."Huh?"

The facts remain firmly in place as to why the SyFy Channel has always been as bad as it always has been...

1. The network (the former Sci-Fi Channel) was bought by a corporation (NBC-Universal) in 1999 that never should have bought it in the first place because the corporation is no fan of Science Fiction period...especially..."Battlestar Galactica"...what it also owns unfortunately.

2. For whatever reason, NBC-Universal has only ever given the SyFy Channel a fraction of the operating budget all other cable networks get...thus attributing to the overall cheap reputation of the SyFy Channel in all of its programming.

3. Despite the unanimous consensus from everyone that the SyFy Channel has always been managed and operated incorrectly across the board, these incorrect methods of operation are precisely the way NBC-Universal continues to operate the SyFy Channel.

4. It was and is a no-brainer all along that NBC-Universal never should have bought the former Sci-Fi Channel in the first place because it was never a good match and fit to begin with between NBC-Universal and the former Sci-Fi Channel. A Science Fiction channel requires talent, imagination, inspired thinking and generous funding to operate it correctly. NBC-Universal is run by CHEAP SKATES with no talent, no imagination, no inspired thinking, and no love for Science Fiction or..."Battlestar Galactica"...Why did this sale and purchase even occur in the first place back in 1999 to the corporation (NBC-Universal) in which it did? Why was NBC-Universal even in the running to purchase the former Sci-Fi Channel back then? It's downright criminal and a tragedy across the board who ended up buying the former Sci-Fi Channel...(NBC-Universal.) It was a mismatch made in Hell!!

5. The SyFy Channel is also run by people who are so lazy....they can't even attach a discernible on-air identity to the SyFy Channel (after almost 20 years.) And no..."SyFy" not a Science Fiction channel. It is a ceaseless wandering and meandering generic cable network run by lazy people and a lazy corporation with no spark of professionalism, drive, initiative, or ambition whatsoever to make this a worthwhile cable network for viewers.


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