Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When Did Universal Studios & Bryan Singer Become a "Double Nut Combo of Lunacy" When it Comes to "Fake Movie Press Releases?"

Universal Studios & Bryan Singer have always been right there together when it comes to tag teaming one another with one..."Fake Movie Press Release"....after another for the past 15 years.

With Universal Studios of course, it has been their..."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Releases." With Bryan has always been whatever Science Fiction property he has been in the mood to release via a..."Fake Movie Press Release".....

No..."Battlestar" has ever been on Universal Studios upcoming release schedule.

No..."20,000 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" has ever been on the upcoming release schedule of 20th Century Fox.

Isn't it interesting how these two latest fake press releases of Universal Studios and Bryan Singer came out during the same month and year? (February 2016)

Did they both get together with a bottle of whiskey and get in the mood to bullshit the public at the same time?

Isn't it interesting also how Universal Studios possesses as little clout to make its own announced movies as does Bryan Singer?


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