Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's Amusing To Know That Bryan Singer Still Maintains a Presence On Filled With Projects He Will Either Never Complete Or Never Start

Didn't Bryan Singer announce a..."World War III"...project with the SyFy Channel ages ago that never even got started in pre-production?

Or that there is no evidence supporting the beginning of..."20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" pre-production.

Or that there is no..."all encompassing evidence".... supporting the existence of any supposed new project on this list.

My all time favorite..."Bryan Singer F*** Up" when he suddenly abandoned..."Excalibur"...(actually I think the studio involved dropped him themselves from that project because he was taking too long to start it) that (in Singer's own words)..."He could dive right into a 'Battlestar Galactica'...project"....which also never materialized so that he could instead direct the..."Mockingbird Lane"...television pilot / movie for NBC-TV. And all of this occurred within the span of one month.

"Mockingbird Lane"...actually having been completed by Singer.
"Battlestar"... announced October 2011
"Mockingbird Lane"..announced November 2011

The moral of the story is..."The smaller the project, the more likely it is Singer will make it and complete it."

As Singer has made ice cream television commercials, the..."House"...television series, and..."Mockingbird Lane"....

The norm as opposed to his rare theatrical films.

Singer bounces from one project to the next (rarely completing any of them) like a jack rabbit.


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