Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Is The "Sci-Fi Entertainment" Magazine Science Fiction In Content While The "SyFy Channel" Itself Never Was?

You see, the magazine was always supposedly attached to the..."SyFy Channel"... (formerly Sci-Fi Channel) but that simply wasn't the case.

The magazine was always strictly Science Fiction in content while the..."SyFy Channel"...was always (instead) this WEIRD combination of...

1. Wrestling
2. Cooking Shows
3. "Sharknado"
4. The..."Cape Fear"
5. "Crossing Over With John Edward"

6. Ronald D. Moore's mass market / commercial failures...
a. "GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only)
b. "Caprica"
c. "Blood & Chrome"
d. "Helix"

7. An ambiguous (in on air identity) cable network
8. The..."Cape Fear"

At some point during the past 17 years this magazine should have stopped being published or changed its name to something else because it has had absolutely nothing to do with the current... "SyFy Channel".... and former..."Sci-Fi Channel"....since Universal Studios first started owning and wrecking the channel in 1999.

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