Friday, October 21, 2016

The SyFy Channel's Laughable Style of Management Is Long Overdue For a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Style Lampoon

Where does one even begin in ridiculing the SyFy Channel?

Eavesdropping footage of SyFy Channel executives making all of these crappy decisions would make great..."Mystery Science Theater 3000"...episodes.

1. The fact that it changed its name from the coherent.."Sci-Fi Channel" the incoherent..."SyFy Channel"...

2. The fact that the channel never should have been bought by..."GE/Vivendi/NBC/Comcast - Universal" the first place back in 1999. Due to the fact that these idiots who bought it didn't know what Science Fiction was and thus weren't suited to buy and manage such a channel.

3. "Sharknado"

4. The fact that..."****Universal"....trashed what was left of the once great.."Sci-Fi Channel"...and turned it into a low budget, sleazy, and trashy affair. And these idiots actually thought that they were always..."So Hip"...for doing so. Not having the imagination, inspired thinking, and intelligence to own and manage  what is supposed to be a Science Fiction channel isn't..."Hip"...It's..."Retarded"...instead. And that..."Retardation"...comes across on the television screen in all of your originally produced programming.

5. The fact that 95% of the time during the past 17 years, this hasn't been a Science Fiction channel at all, "not a legitimate Science Fiction channel" in any sense of the phrase, and has instead been nothing but a..."Jello never sticking to the wall"....bland general interest cable channel trying any and all sorts of trashy programming its low budget would allow.

6. The fact that this channel has been so low budget for ages, its low budget is always embarrassingly evident in every one of its originally produced television series and movies.

7. The.."Orange Tint"....always evident in the low budget film stock used in all of its productions.

8. This channel's shameful partnership with..."The Asylum"....

9. Crappy non-Science Fiction movies from the..."Universal Studios Film Vaults"...such as..."Cape Fear"...being regular fodder for routine broadcasts.

10. What the hell were..."C.S.I."...reruns doing on the SyFy Channel?

And these numbered examples could go on forever, couldn't they?


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