Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Mystery Remains: What Is The SyFy Channel Doing At Comic Con Conventions? Its Long Sordid And Troubled History Trashing Science Fiction In Its Programming Automatically Disqualifies It As a Legitimate Guest At Such Conventions

You can't go in two opposite directions at the same time which has always been the primary problem of the SyFy Channel.

Trashing Science Fiction programming via its long and condescending attitude towards Science Fiction programming in its screwed up management practices since 1999, and then having the UNMITIGATED GALL to show itself at these conventions.

The SyFy Channel and Science Fiction have never mixed well at all. It has always been the most.... NOTORIOUS of Fiction media history.

So I ask again, what the hell is the SyFy Channel doing at this latest Comic Con convention?


...Because the SyFy Channel has never been a Science Fiction oriented entity. Certainly not from the serious and legitimate aspects of it.

Instead, the SyFy Channel has always been...BUFFOONERY RUN its intentional and unintentional.... MISMANAGEMENT...of all things Science Fiction.

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