Saturday, October 15, 2016

You Mean, The SyFy Channel Hasn't Brainstormed The Idea of Rerunning The Entire "24" Series Starring Keifer Sutherland?

"24" - starring Keifer Sutherland has everything the SyFy Channel has historically loved...

1. It isn't Science Fiction
2. It isn't far fetched fantasy
3. There are guns and other weaponry galore in practically every frame of..."24"....

4.  Since it's difficult to pin down precisely what..."24"....was in terms of a format definition, it would fit right in with the..."SyFy Channel's...notorious history of being impossible to pin down as a definable cable network...

a. Wrestling
b. "C.S.I." reruns
c. "Ghost Hunters"
d. "Sharknado"
e. The..."Cape Fear"
f. "Geeks Who Drink"
g. Every non-Science Fiction movie from the Universal Studios film vault

If the SyFy Channel ever wanted to rerun the entire.."24"...series, all it would have to do is..."Color Incorrect"...the entire series so that every frame of film would have that notorious blazing..."Orange Tint"...present in every other production broadcast on the SyFy Channel.

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