Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Even When The SyFy Channel Tries To Steal Other People's "Thunder", It Still Can't Make a Decent Buck While Doing It

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Blood Drive - Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez ripped off here by the SyFy Channel. The SyFy Channel apparently trying to build an entire low budget television series inspired by the movie..."Grindhouse."...No doubt (like everything else on the SyFy Channel) it won't make decent money due to budget issues and the usual lack of talent in front of and behind the camera in all of the SyFy Channel productions.

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Z Nation - "The Walking Dead"...ripped off here by the SyFy Channel. With a fraction of the budget and talent of..."The Walking Dead"...."Z Nation"...slogs through every low rated season of the typically low rated SyFy Channel.

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Helix - John Carpenter's..."The Thing"....movie ripped off here by the SyFy Channel with..."Helix"....How long did this thing last? (no pun intended.) Two low rated seasons which is the usual ratings territory the SyFy Channel is all too familiar with. 

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12 Monkeys - The SyFy Channel can't even make decent money when it tries ripping off itself!! NBC-Universal took one of its poorest box office performing Science Fiction movies from the 1990's and tried turning it into a television series on the SyFy Channel. Typically (as usual, as always)...."12 Monkeys"...suffers from the usual..."Territorial Plague"...the SyFy Channel is all too familiar with....LOW RATINGS!!

Was it a surprise to anyone that the box office failure..."12 Monkeys"...would translate into a low rated television series for the SyFy Channel? Apparently the..."Crackerjack Business People"...of the SyFy Channel were caught completely off guard!!

This was a very simple..."Business 101"....business decision that should have been made. Don't make...."12 Monkeys"....into a television series, especially on the SyFy Channel with its staggering and notorious lack of talent behind the scenes and in the business offices!!


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