Monday, May 8, 2017

Let This Be a Lesson to All Future Students and Scholars of The Serious Study of Science Fiction on Television

What is / was supposed to be a Science Fiction cable network all along also isn't supposed to be an..."On The Job Training Site"....for unqualified network executives to screw up on purpose the content of what was originally a Science Fiction cable network before it NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel.

NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel should have had the right people in place all along to run a Science Fiction cable network. Because they didn't...this network has been all over the compass in terms of ambiguous programming content going back 20 years.

And now, because the other cable networks have been doing... MUCH MUCH BETTER...with Science Fiction related programming, the SyFy Channel was forced to look to them for inspiration to at least try its hand (once again) at Science Fiction related programming which they have FAILED AT DOING (once again) because the SyFy channel is STILL staffed with the wrong management people to be running a Science Fiction cable network.

Because of this...the SyFy Channel is now forced to go the route of..."Sexploitation...and Blood Porn"...related programming just to pay its bills because it doesn't have the talent and imagination to be making money as a strictly Science Fiction cable network....

Image result for blood drive syfy

Are you lost, honey? You belong on the..."Quentin Tarantino Blood / Smut Network"....Not on what is supposed to be a Science Fiction cable network.

This network remains an ABSOLUTE DISASTER of EPIC PROPORTIONS because the wrong people with zero imagination and zero inspired thinking continue to run it.

Don't expect anything as wonderful as..."Stranger Things" be coming out of the SyFy Channel anytime soon because the imagination simply has never been there at the SyFy Channel for 20 some years.


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