Thursday, May 18, 2017

The "SyFy Channel" Isn't 25 Years Old. It Used To Be The "Sci-Fi Channel" For Almost a Decade Under Much, Much Better Previous Management

The..."Sci-Fi Channel"....used to be a great cable network from 1993 - 2000 owned by a previous corporation unrelated to NBC-Universal.  And then something horrible happened to it. Around 2000...Universal Studios came along under the  parent corporations..."Vivendi"...."Comcast"...and...."NBC"...and then proceeded to WRECK the once great..."Sci-Fi Channel"....

...Turning it into the..."SyFy Channel"....and throwing every pile of garbage it could think of on to its schedule unrelated to Science Fiction programming. So now, we are at the inexplicable 16 year mark of NBC-Universal continuing to own and WRECK this once great Science Fiction network, bouncing around with a still indiscernible channel identity, throwing horror, reality, and other examples of..."Schizophrenic Crap Programming".... on to its schedule.

This blog remains committed to NBC-Universal not getting the credit for owning the once great..."Sci-Fi Channel"...a decade before it came along as its horrible parent owner right now.

The moniker itself..."SyFy" only eight years old, coming along in 2009 and FAILING every step of the way as a visual representation of whatever the hell this network is supposed to be right now in terms of consistent and steady content.


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