Monday, May 15, 2017

The SyFy Channel Is Apparently Rebooting and Starting Over Again...For The Umpteenth Time

The last thing this channel should ever want to do at this late date (after 25 years of throwing everything and the kitchen sink into its schedule except Science Fiction) is show its face in public (especially at a public meeting of investors) and tell them...

SyFy Channel: "Well, we've lost 75% of the Science Fiction fans during the past 25 years, never nailed down a consistent and discernible on-air identity even remotely connected to Science Fiction during those 25 years, and we quite frankly have always sucked at trying to make this channel a noteworthy and consistent moneymaker during those 25 years."

You would think that the people in the audience listening to a speech of this nature would finally be saying to themselves....

Audience: "Christ!! Why don't we just fire every last one of these blowhards who have been with the SyFy Channel during the past 25 years (something we should have done 25 years ago) and get some people in there who would know how to manage a Science Fiction channel!!"

The SyFy Channel's answer to their current woes is to try changing the design and color of the logo..."SyFy"...without changing the spelling!!

That should do much to keep the SyFy Channel in the same financial crapper it has always been in during the past 25 years!!

The SyFy Channel never looks internally to what their problems REALLY ARE. The same people who have been with the channel for the past 25 years!! And that includes BONNIE HAMMER!!

NBC-Universal thinks it has what it takes to fix the SyFy Channel? After 25 consistent years of not fixing it.

Me thinks the SyFy Channel has always been managed and run by lazy, couch potato low life's who have been running this channel half asleep during the past 25 years who only scramble to hop to their feet when it comes to the attention of everyone outside of the SyFy Channel (the general public) that this channel JUST PLAIN SUCKS and that it isn't a cable channel capable of making serious money.


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