Thursday, May 25, 2017

"SyFy Wire" Gets Its Facts Wrong. So What Else Is New? The First Live Action "Spiderman" Costume Pre-Dated The 1977 Television Series By Three Years

The..."Spiderman"...television series talked about by..."SyFy Wire"...aired in 1977. Live action..."Spiderman"....appeared three years before that in 1974 on "The Electric Company"...children's show which aired on PBS.

The first live action..."Spiderman"....costume was on the..."The Electric Company" 1974.

"SyFy Wire"...can't even get its shit right, just like its parent..."SyFy Channel"....

This blog continuing to prove everyday (effortlessly) that the..."SyFy Channel" owned and managed by the wrong corporation (NBC-Universal)...This corporation can't even get its historical facts correct in television history.

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